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New Tools to End Sexual Harassment

In order to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace, employees need to be trained to describe what happened, know how to handle it, and know exactly where the line is that should not be crossed. Sexual harassment and body language expert Ken Cooper helps organizations create harassment-free work environments.

Is That Sexual Harassment? Four Questions to Ask.

After decades of largely overlooked or unreported sexual harassment and assault, how can men and women know exactly what constitutes harassment and what doesn’t? Workplace expert and trainer Ken Cooper explains four questions you can ask yourself.

Have You Practiced Your Handshake Lately?

Body language and nonverbal communication expert Ken Cooper says the handshake is the only acceptable physical touch in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Assault

According to corporate and military sexual trauma prevention trainer Ken Cooper, it’s time to stop considering harassment apart from assault. As he outlines in Cooper’s 6 Levels of Harassment™, they are both part of the same continuum of behavior.

Do You Know These 8 Sexual Harassment Offenders?

Corporate trainer and body language expert Ken Cooper shares eight stereotypical offender personalities that employees can encounter. Understanding them can help in preventing and reporting sexual harassment.

Understanding the Male/Female Perception Gap

Executive trainer and nonverbal communication expert Ken Cooper connects scientific research on the difference between male and female perception to his work in creating sexual harassment prevention strategies with corporations and the military.

7 Tips to Prevent Military Sexual Harassment

It takes more than attitudes and good intentions to prevent military sexual harassment and sexual trauma. It takes concepts, tools and processes that everyone can apply. Sexual harassment prevention expert Ken Cooper explains.
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